Precise Remediation Services & Soil Testing

Keep your property up to code with remediation services and soil testing from MEA Inc, based in Bangor, Pennsylvania. Our experience includes Phase I and II investigations, and work with the Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund (USTIF) and Brownfields.

Superior Services

MEA Inc offers fixed-based, Environmental Laboratory Services for the analysis of semi-volatile and volatile organic compounds in soil and groundwater. To complement the laboratory and consulting services, we own and operate two Geoprobe DT drill rigs used for the collection of soil and samples and the installation of monitoring wells for collection of groundwater samples.
Additionally, we own and operate two portable Vermeer® Hydro Vacuum Excavators, which are used primarily for pre-clearing locations prior to drilling. This is important when drilling near utilities or at gas stations where product and electrical lines are present.
Most of our projects are Pennsylvania Brownfield sites, along with active and former gasoline sales facilities, which have had leaking underground storage tank systems. The site characterization, remediation, and monitoring of these facilities are conducted to satisfy the regulations.

Reliable Remediation

MEA Inc offers a variety of remediation alternatives based on the conditions encountered at a site. Characterization activities are conducted to assess the type and extent of contamination. Following the assessment phase of a project, remediation options are evaluated and specific methods are selected to satisfy the specific requirements of the owner and PADEP.
Our company has worked extensively with PADEP to obtain closure for numerous sites throughout Pennsylvania, including Brownfield locations, commercial gasoline facilities, and private residences with home-heating tank issues. MEA Inc has also worked with the PAUSTIF to help clients obtain funding for remediation.
We have a variety of mobile remediation systems that can be easily installed and removed. The systems are monitored via modem, and are all equipped with advanced PLC panels, which are programmed with remote monitoring software.
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